Monday, January 19, 2009

2009 Wedding Trends

Sorry no blogs last week. I had a few crazy days.

Since we are full steam into 2009. I wanted to point out some 2009 wedding trends that we are seeing...

Personalizing Your Wedding
This is not a new trend. Brides personalize their wedding in so many different ways - through branding with monograms, having custom decor, even getting married in locations personal to the couple. This trend is not seeing a dwindle, in fact, you are striving for the next big thing at your own wedding. This is every exciting for us, because we believe that every client is unique, so their wedding should be just as unique.

Not Your Grandmother's Color Scheme
No more two color schemes. Today's brides are using as many as six or seven colors for their weddings. Some are even having completely different color scheme's for the ceremony, cocktail hour, and reception. Combinations such as brown, aqua, red, ivory and rust, purple, teal, orange are splashing into receptions.

Bring on the Bling
Once again, nothing new here, but today's brides are finding new ways to "bling" their weddings, crystals in the stems of toasting flutes, and strands of rhinestones wrapping centerpieces. The 2009 bride will find the newest and most innovative ways to add sparkle to their big day.

Coordinating Centerpieces
There has been a rise of brides who want a combination of two kinds of centerpieces - one high and one low. But now, we are seeing 3 and 4 different kinds of centerpieces. They all coordinate with the same color or flower, but completely different styles.

Inside the Box
Brides are pulling away from the typical room of round tables and are now combining square and rectangular tables with the rounds, or doing a room completely of squares. It can sometimes be difficult in the smaller rooms, but it you have the space, this trend really catches guests off guard.

A single flower or a few stems submerged beneath water is not only a modern, contemporary look, but will save the bank! The more extravagant the design, the more expensive. In 2009, with the economy not at it's best, brides are using this option to save money and create a more minimalist look.

Battery-operated Lighting
Yes, those LED / battery operated candles aren't going anywhere! Not only are the safer, but are a great option for outdoor events, as well as those venues that are fearfull of fires. Just turn them on and they will flicker all night. Some even last up to 300 hours, far longer than that last guest leaves the dance floor.

No Planner, No Plan
Brides are hiring planners more than ever. They accept the additional cost with the understanding that the planner will actually save you money in the long run, therefore paying for themselves. Planners have been in the field for some time and know the best locations, vendors, tricks, etc. It's the same reason why so many brides share info. You have never done this before (ie. planned a wedding) and you should seek out those that have, previous brides which will offer some information and planners, which offer a world of info and bring up those "things" that you never thought of.

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