Monday, May 3, 2010

Bar Options

Your bar can take up a significant amount of your wedding budget, but before you opt for a cash bar (YIKES!) to save money, check out these other options to quench your guests' thirst!

Beer & Wine Only
Nixing the alcohol, and having beer & wine only is a a great option. You can offer a few different beers and red & white wine, to make sure there is something for everyone.

Call Brands Only
Skip the expensive top shelf alcohol, and select call brands only. Your guests will be busy enjoying the festivities and celebrating with you and your husband, and won't miss the "name brand" stuff!

Signature Cocktails
Having one, or a few signature cocktails is another way to treat your guests. You can name the cocktails after your names, your new last name, or even something significant in your relationship. Be sure to include a menu on your bar to describe the meaning and what's in it.

Specialty Bars
There's no rules! Personalize your bar! Do you love champagne? Have a champagne bar with different kinds of champagne for your guests to taste. Is your family of Puerto Rican decent? How about a Rum bar? Are you Russian? How about a Vodka bar? Incorporate you, and your guests will appreciate it!

Close the Bar
If you do choose an open bar, it doesn't have to be open the entire four or five hours. You can close the bar for the last thirty minutes or hour at the end of the wedding, to allow your guests to sober up. You can even close it for thirty minutes at the beginning of the Reception, since you wouldn't want your guests to miss the announcements, first dance, parent dances, toasts, etc. Be sure to note this on the bar, so your guests are aware.

Dry Bar
If you are hosting a morning or afternoon wedding, choose to have a dry wedding. Guests are much less likely to want to drink so early in the day.

Cash bars are definitely controversial and are sometimes frowned upon. Choose a creative way to accommodate your guests and they're sure to thank you. Cheers!

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