Tuesday, March 15, 2011

Kiss & Tell: Stacey & Mike

So humbled to receive this card from an October bride & groom! This couple was sooooo much fun to work with! And the fact that they live in Louisiana most definitely added to the fun!


Hopefully this finds you well. Mike and I have been meaning to get out our thank you cards for a while now - the first and biggest thanks goes to you. Our wedding was very well planned. Throughout the day and afterwards, we kept getting comments on how well everything flowed together and that a clear theme that matched our personalities was present. Thanks to you for keeping us on track and keeping me from going crazy up until the big day. You were a pleasure to work with and gave nothing but 110% all of the time. We'll have to keep up with each other. Between Baton Rouge and Tampa we should have plenty of opportunity! All the best to you, the hubby, and UNIQUE Event Design.

With MUCH Appreciation,
Stacey & Mike Wilson"

Stacey & Mike - It was a real joy (and laugh) to work with you two! We wish you a long and happy life filled with love (and laughs too!)

Image courtesy of Phillip Lloyd Photography.

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