Wednesday, June 8, 2011

Gorgeous Gardenias!

We here at UNIQUE Event Design, are big fans of gardenias! They are soft, elegant, and smell ah-mazing!

Some fun info that we were able to gather about the the gorgeous gardenia -

"The Gardenia was founded in the native area of South Africa. This flower does well in high 60’s low 70’s degree weather, it blossoms from mid-spring to mid-summer and has a sweet smelling scent. For wedding decor the gardenia is great to use as a fashion fopa. It can be used in a tall elaborate centerpiece or as simple floating flower accented with candles to add elegance. If you’re thinking about using the gardenia as or in the bouquet you might want to think twice because this type of flower can bruise and brown very easily. Something else that we learned was that if you spray a gardenia with straight lemon juice to prevent browning."

Gardenias add a feminine touch to a centerpiece.

The dark green of the gardenia leaf breaks up the white and adds a sophisticated touch to any bouquet.

A gardenia in your hair can add a timeless touch!

A really, fun and UNIQUE fact, is that Carrie Bradshaw had gardenias in her bouquet in the Sex in the City movie!

Have you opted to include gardenias in your wedding? Are there other fragrant flowers that have landed on your "must have" flower list?

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