Wednesday, November 19, 2008

Developing your Wedding Design

While working with brides, I come across a number of them that have a box, a closet, or even a room of different wedding "items," but without a clear vision of what they want. While I am a HUGE fan of a great bargain, you will find that a large number of the things that you purchased will not make it into your final look. Or if they do, they will be forced. Before you buy a thing, you should have a clear vision for your event and there are many different ways to come up with the "look."

First, you can start with a theme, that emcompasses you and your fiance's personalities. For example, if the two of you love to go to the beach, then incorporate beach elements into your overall aesthetic. You can use sand, starfish, sea glass, etc. If you are more into hiking or camping, maybe a rustic look with exposed wood and warm colors will create the perfect atmosphere for you and your beloved to celebrate your love.

Another way to create an overall design for your big day, is to let the venue inspire you. Take a look around, what colors or elements are present in the space? If you are getting married in a historic mansion, you could compliment the gold guilding on the wall by using gold chargers or add hanging crystals from your centerpiece to mimic the chandelier design. Let your event compliment the space, not fight it.

If all else fails, hit your closest hardware store and start looking at paint chips. They have pretty much every color under the sun and you can create a color scheme that you love! Do want to create a monochromatic look, with different shades of the same color (ie. light pink, dark pink, & red)? Or is it a complementary scheme that you want, by using colors that are the same types of shades (ie. blue, green, & purple)? Or are you going for the most popular kind of color scheme, a contrasting scheme (ie. blue & brown or pink & black)? Which ever scheme you choose, be sure it's something that you truly love! Because these colors will be present all over the event, through linens, attire, flowers, etc. Make sure it's not something that will get old. Another version of selecting a color scheme, is to not select one at all. An all white wedding has an heir of elegance. Only using different shades of white with a silver metal accent could just be that timeless, pristine presentation that you were seeking

Whatever you choose, be sure it's you making the decision! Don't worry about what's "hot" at the time or what other brides are doing. You'll want something that is timeless and can be appreciated through the years in your wedding album and video. If you strive for something trendy, when you look back at your wedding album years from now, you'll ask, "what was I thinking?" You want to look back at your album and remember the beauty and fun and how the event was created uniquely for YOU! After your vision has been created, get out there and start shopping!!

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