Wednesday, December 3, 2008

How to create a "Green" Wedding

I know you have heard all of the popularity of going "green" in different aspects of your life. Well your wedding should be nothing different! You can have a fabulous event and help the environment all at the same time! There are some specific areas that you can incorporate "green" concepts.

Stationary You can begin your "green" journey with your invitations and finish with your thank you cards. Choose stationary made from recycled materials, and you can even put a note on the bottom or back of the card that states "please recycle." It's a great way to set the tone for your event!

Location Choose to have your ceremony and reception in the same location or within a short distance from each other. This will cut down on gas, air pollution, etc.

Favors Instead of giving your guests a favor that they may not use, what about seeds or a small plant as a wedding favor? Not only will you be helping the environment, but your guests will too!

Food & Drink When you make your food and drink selections, choose items grown and manufactured locally. Select a local beer or get your cake from a bakery close to your venue. This will limit the miles these items have to be transported, therefore limiting the amount of cardon dioxide being release into the atmosphere.

Another way to recycle and reuse, is to donate your flowers and leftover food. You can arrange for the flowers to be delivered to a hospital or a nursing home, so that they may bring joy to other people, just as they did your guests! For the food, have someone drop it off at a local food bank or homeless shelter. I'm sure the donation will be greatly appreciated.

Whether it's a few small aspects or the entire event tailored around the environmental theme, mother nature will thank you!

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