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Brides Against Breast Cancer

As an ABC (Association of Bridal Consultants) member, we take part in an amazing program called, "Brides Against Breast Cancer." This program gives brides to be, an opportunity to find the wedding gown of their dreams (at an incredible) savings while making wishes and dreams come true. All proceeds for the gowns sold will be contributed to the Making Memories Breast Cancer Foundation who's mission is to grant wishes, including memory-making events, for metastatic breast cancer patients, while continuing to support, educate and increase resource awareness.

From the Brides Against Breast Cancer website -

"Brides Against Breast Cancer" gown sales continue to be important fund-raising events for Making Memories. Our more than 32 yearly shows provide brides-to-be with an opportunity to find their dream gown (at an incredible savings) while making wishes and dreams come true for women and men who are losing their fight against breast cancer.

The worldwide support of designers, manufacturers, bridal shops and individuals (who donate a most treasured possession) make possible our Nationwide Tour of Gowns sales. The proceeds from these events help bring a moment of joy into world of someone for whom a cure is too late.
"Brides Against Breast Cancer - Nationwide Tour of Gowns"

This unique opportunity allows brides-to-be a chance to find the gown of their dreams at a remarkable price, while helping to make wishes and memory-making events come true. Most gown prices range from $99 to $799*, including hundreds of beautiful new name brand and designer gowns valued up to $8,000. *Exclusive designer and couture gowns valued up to $20,000 are also available at an incredible 25% to 75% savings. We gladly accept Visa, MasterCard, Discover, American Express and debit cards.

REMEMBER – more than half the gowns presented during each event are NEW designer gowns that arrived directly from designers, manufacturers and bridal retailers.

Our Brides Against Breast Cancer program has received more than 50,000 wedding gown donations, with an estimated resale value of over 4 million dollars. This generous endowment is due in part to Making Memories national media coverage, including magazine articles in Redbook, Family Circle, Woman's Day, Martha Stewart’s Winter Wedding, Time, Philanthropy World and Modern Bride, along with appearances on, Oprah Winfrey, CNN, MSNBC, Ananda Lewis and hundreds of television and newspaper interviews.

How to Donate Your Gown
How can you help make dreams come true? At this time, we are in need of contemporary gown styles, slips and veils dating from 2000 until the present day. Each gown that arrives at our organization is carefully prepared for our upcoming "Brides Against Breast CancerTM, Nationwide Tour of Gowns" sales. The thousands of generous donations we receive from designers, manufactures, bridal shops, and individuals worldwide, enables Making Memories to grant final wishes to women and men suffering from terminal breast cancer.

Until recently, we have been able to accept gowns from all eras and in any condition, which we sell nationally and worldwide or produce into quilted artworks. However, due to our extensive inventory of vintage, antique and retro gowns, we recommend all generous potential classic era donors withhold their contributions until we have room to accommodate these prized garments. We anticipate posting an announcement on this website when we once again have the ability to manage these treasured gifts with the respect they deserve.

Please ship your gown directly to our National Headquarters in Portland, Oregon.
Please send your gown to

Gown Donations Making Memories Breast Cancer Foundation
2553 NW Division Street
Gresham, OR 97030

NOTE: This address is for shipping gown donations only, for information on dropping off or delivering a donation please call 503-491-8091.
503-491-1191 Fax

503-252-3955 Message Only

Donations from bridal shops or manufacturers wishing to make a donation when we are in your area may send an email to mminfo@makingmemories.org or call 503-491-8091Warehouse Processing and Gown Prep DonationBe sure to include a self-addressed stamped envelope inside the package and if possible, an additional $40 gift to cover Warehouse Processing and Gown Prep. Although this amount may appear small, when multiplied by the thousands of dresses we receive it can exceed the cost of granting numerous wishes each year. Often gowns arrive requiring laundering or dry-cleaning and all garments must be steamed, priced, place on racks, and transported to our "Tour of Gowns" events.

Manufacturers and bridal shops along with individual contributors may drop off donations of new or previously cleaned wedding gowns during any "Brides Against Breast CancerTM" event where they will immediately find a position among the gowns on our sales racks. You may also send donations directly to the National Headquarters at the above address. All bridal shops and manufacturers wishing to make a donation, when we are in your area, may email mminfo@makingmemories.org or call 503-491-8091. for additional information.

Important Information
Prepare your gown for shipping by removing your items from any drycleaners storage boxes and selecting a carton just large enough to accommodate your gown and accessories. Since, freight companies calculate shipping cost by weight and box dimensions, these simple steps will save you between $12 and $15 in unnecessary shipping expenses.

Tax Deductions
Your gift, including shipping cost, is tax-deductible. Although Making Memories strives to ensure our gracious donors receive a charitable receipt, many of our mailings return undeliverable. Two of the most common occurrences are the mail service label (i.e. Mailbox etc) obscuring the sender's information and our own incorrect deciphering of return addresses. Therefore, regardless of your chosen method of shipping, please include a clearly printed self-addressed stamped envelope INSIDE your package to ensure a tax-deductible receipt reaches you. Allow 6 to 8 weeks for delivery.

Please note: Making Memories Breast Cancer Foundation does not place the value on your donation. We ask that you consult your tax professional to determine the ultimate price of your contribution. If your gift is worth less than $250, a receipt is unnecessary to receive your federal income tax deduction. However, if your gown donation merits a value of $250 or more, please retain the Making Memories receipt for preparing your federal income tax return. Once you have sent your gown, you may choose to download the donation receipt directly from our website. Click here to download receipt.

Volunteer at an Upcoming EventWithout the dedication of volunteers like you, Making Memories would be unable to accomplish our mission. Make this a fun and rewarding group activity. Invite your co-workers, club, family and friends to join you in supporting this worthy cause. You will experience the joy of assisting a new bride as she chooses her "dream gown" while meeting some of the nicest people!

If you are a Bridal consultant, seamstress or cosmetic specialists (for example Avon, Mary Kay, Arbonne) who would enjoy assisting brides in preparation for their "big day," we invite you to join our volunteers.

If you would like to volunteer during a Brides Against Breast CancerTM event in a city near you, please visit our calendar of events then simply click on "Volunteer Registration.” You may also send an email to mminfo@makingmemories.org with “Volunteer (and your city and state)" in the subject line.

What to Wear for Events
Please wear dressy-casual attire with no blue jeans, the Foundation will provide each volunteer with a specially designed keepsake 'Brides Against Breast CancerTM' tee shirt to wear at the event. Although they are not required, we also recommend dressing in comfortable shoes.
Bring the Tour to Your Home Town

We are searching for donated space to hold “Brides Against Breast CancerTM” charity wedding gown sales in cities nationwide. If you or someone you know has 4,000 – 6,000 sq. ft. of ballroom space available to host our event, please contact mminfo@makingmemories.org.

Host a Pink Envelope Project Wedding Reception or Shower
To make your wedding reception more meaningful, we invite you to support the Making Memories Breast Cancer Foundation™ by hosting a Pink Envelope wedding reception or bridal shower. Please feel free to
contact us or visit www.pinkenvelopeproject.org for more information. Make a pink envelope donation on behalf of your wedding guests
Delight your guests with the beautifully designed favor cards explaining your special donation, of $100.00 or more, made on their behalf or in honor of a loved one. Transform your wedding into more than a memorable day - make it a day that creates lasting memories for the families of women and men who have so little time left. Pass these cards out at your reception or place

them at your table settings for your guests to read.

Please click on the link at the bottom of this page to pledge your donation and request favor card quantity. Upon receipt of your donation, Making Memories promptly ships your Pink Envelope Project™ membership packet and favor cards. Most brides are contributing $3 to $10 per guest (minimum $100). However, the amount of your generous donation is a personal decision. A gift of $1000 or more automatically qualifies you as a Double Ribbon Donor. Join this exclusive group of donors and receive special recognition.

Pink Envelope Guests
Offer your guests the opportunity to participate in your Pink Envelope Project™. Attach a personalized message to your Pink Envelopes inviting them to enhance the significance of your special day by providing a gift of love in your weddings behalf. Remember to collect the envelopes at the reception or encourage guests to mail their donation directly to Making Memories. Each gift goes toward making a difference in the lives of individuals losing their fight against breast cancer.

Inform your guests that the PEP member number printed on each donation envelope will allow you to share the total gift amount with anyone interested.

Allow us to feature the account of your wedding reception, along with the pictures you provide, on the Pink Envelope Project's “Completed Activities Page.” Your generous efforts deserve admiration!

Thank you for Granting Wishes and Touching Lives Your Way!"

Please do your part by donating your dress or coming by and shopping for your gown!


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