Thursday, August 27, 2009

Great Ways to Say "Thank You" to Your Guests

While the typical "thing" to do is to send hand written thank you notes to all of your guests, we've got some ideas to say "thank you" in a unique way:

Personalized Card
Instead of a plain "thank you" card, you can utilize a picture from your wedding on the card. Your photographer can have a bifold card printed with an editted photo from the wedding. They will digitally add what ever text that you want and voila...a personalized thank you card! This allows you to have to give your guests something personal, but it still allows you to express your gratitude in a handwritten note.

Native Gift
If you went to another country for your honeymoon, why not send out something reminiscent of it? For example, if you went to Japan, then how about sending a set of decorative chopsticks with a note stating "domo arigato" (thank you in Japanese). We found this set of cherry blossom chopsticks for as low as $0.95 on

Gratitude Gala
Another option to thank your guests as well as continue the celebration, is with a "thank you" party. This could be as simple as a brunch the morning after the wedding or a dinner party that you host at your home after the honeymoon. Be sure to make a toast to express your gratitude and take the time to speak with each person that attends, even if it's just for a short time.

In Person
If your guests are local, hand delivering your gratitude is another option. Pick some flowers from your garden and bring a single stem to each guest. A personal thank you will trump a note, any day!

Digital Age
Nowdays, you can do anything digitally, even say "thank you!" You can set up a regular camera and capture a 30 second clip of you and your new husband expressing your thanks and even utilizing the gift that they gave you. For example, if they gave you a set of pots and pans, videotape you two cooking with them! If you can, personalize each video for each guest. You have the choice of either sending your clip through e-mail or burning a CD and mailing it your guests. Either way, your guests would be so happy to see you enjoying their gift!

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