Wednesday, August 19, 2009

"I'm Singing in the Rain, Just Singing in the Rain..."

When Andrea, of Paper Presence, and I started discussing their August window display, all we could talk about is how much it has been raining lately! It was even raining cats and dogs when we were chatting...

That's it! Let's do a shower theme! It's the perfect August window because of all the rainy weather in Florida!

We hung lots of blue raindrops of varying textures and colors of blue in the window. We stood a fun colored umbrella straight up, protecting an array of baby shower stationery, of course designed by the uber creative Paper Presence. To finish off this simple design, we lined the surrounding area of the table with blue rocks to act as the puddles running off the umbrella. This whimsical display is just the thing to lift your spirits on a rainy day!

Paper Presence is located at 2435 Central Avenue in St. Petersburg's Grand Central District.

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