Monday, September 21, 2009

A Weekly Dose of Inspiration!

I'm feeling fairly "sunny" today, so this week's dose of inspiration comes from a sunflower! A sunflower exudes joy and cheer, with a rustic overtone. We've created a design that is filled with the same casual, laid back feel and whimsical, "sunny" details.

Our design emphasizes the outdoors, with a rustic elegance. The use of mason jars as candleholders, a clothesline of escort cards, and the menu on a chalkboard, are the casual details that make this wedding unique. Pulling from the sunflower, we used a yellow and chocolate color scheme with touches of white to keep the look crisp. A heavy ballgown and heels would not be the right fit for this wedding, instead flowing cotton gown with flip-flops would be the perfect fit! And of course, the sunflowers would make their appearance in a stunning wildflower bouquet!Country Elegance
Country Elegance by uniqueeventdesign

Check back next week to see our next dose of inspiration. It's a fun one!

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