Tuesday, October 13, 2009

Do You Have What It Takes? Seeking Interns!

Do you have what it takes to be a part of the UED team? If so, we are seeking an Event Intern.

This position is sporadic in nature and just includes assisting our team on events during the busy wedding season. This is not an "in office" or "business" internship. You will be required to arrive a few hours before the event to help with setup, assist with the execution of the event, and strike after the event. You may sometimes be asked to assist with the rehearsal coordination, the day prior to the event. You may be subject to long and late hours, but you will gain valuable hands-on experience.

The only qualifications for this position is an interest in wedding and event planning, good communication skills, and the ability to think quick on your feet! Also, you must be able to work on weekends (including Friday). We'd prefer if you are getting some kind of school credit for this internship, but it is not required.

If you are interested in interning with us, please e-mail your resume to staci@uniqueeventdesign.com. No calls, please.

Thank you and good luck!

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Anonymous said...

so basically you are looking for idiots who will work for you for free and not get paid right? how can you properly mentor an intern when you have only been in the biz for such a small amount of time hmmmmm?

elisa | weditorial(tm) said...

You make some excellent points Staci.

Interning is an investment one makes in him/her self. I say this because the benefits to the intern far exceed the benefits to the company. And while I don't believe anyone should work for free, I feel it's equally important that individuals have the right to make an informed choice as to what type of compensation is acceptable to them. If experience or networking opportunities seem to be worth the investment of time, no one else should judge or criticize.

I have provided services with no financial compensation (for free) on many occasions over the years. As a matter of fact, I actively seek opportunities to work with or assist professionals I admire & respect. I feel that I am never beyond learning something new – even though I have many years of experience (plus the credentials to prove it!).

Prospective interns approach me daily begging for hands on experience but very few even catch my attention. Of those, approximately half assisted me for a total of 25 hours or less because they quickly discovered that their expectations were unrealistic, or in some cases, it was obvious to them that they weren’t meeting mine.

Ultimately, we’d love to see an intern advance and grow as a result of time spent assisting and observing us. An astute, eager, dependable, polite and problem-solving intern has the potential to become our most valuable and trusted employee or associate!

Kerline Docteur said...

Elisa could not have said it better! The opportunity to is priceless.

Apprenticeships and internships give individuals the opportunities to experience the demands of this industry and see how you also have the opportunity to provide the client with a very memorable, fantastic and unique event.

Best of luck to you as you interview your candidates.


As for the 'anonymous' comment above: I'm very saddened if this is true. Professionalism and ETHICS in our industry is vitally important. IF this is true, I hope the owner of your company realizes that you may have violated the ethical standards that her PLANNERS ASSOCIATION adheres to.

Many a success story started out as a volunteer/intern/apprentice.

So that's another CAN STACI!!! If I could make a request, can my can be Fruit Cocktail? LOL

Evelyn said...

Hi Staci,

As a planner who started my own business full time last year, you have said it perfectly.

I had the Hotel Catering background that brought a unique experience but there was a whole other part that I needed to explore. It was because of other Professional Bridal Consultants in Orlando who opened their doors to me to intern (for free) in their company that helped me grow within.

So I applaud you for opening your doors to others it makes you a real professional.

Here I am after a year of running my own business and I still take up the opportunities to intern or work for other Professional Bridal Consultants to gain the experience, in the end that knowledge that I gain is priceless.


Unique Event Design said...

As a professional, I have opted to remove my original response to the malicious comment stated above. I have pasted it here for reference.


Lucia said...

Sorry you have such negative people visiting your blog, but at least their comment got you another can ;)

Anonymous said...

Only wish I had the opportunity to intern or help someone as professional and talented as Staci and her staff. So I guess "anonymous" is not interested in the internship. Their loss!