Monday, October 12, 2009

A Weekly Dose of Inspiration!

We told you that you were in store for something sweet, this week's inspiration comes from candy, peppermints to be exact! The design of a peppermint has a whimsical order, and a quiet elegance. The simplicity of the stripes and the circular shape, as well as the red and white color scheme, was the inspiration for this week's wedding design.

The red and white color scheme has a subtle Christmas feel, which we did decide to incorporate. Straight lines and circular shapes are seen throughout the design. To keep the look simple and not too cluttered, we opted to use roses as the focal flower. Whimsical touches are seen throughout the look and illustrate the origin of the inspiration. While retaining the simplicity, we also added some elegant touches to dress up the design, such as rubies and crystals.Whimsical Red and White Elegance
Whimsical Red and White Elegance by uniqueeventdesign on

Stay tuned, you never know WHERE we'll find our inspiration next!

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Grant Hemond and Associates said...

Awww, that's awesome!! Hope you two had a Happy Happy Anniversary!! =)

Sincerely Jaime, Beverly, Grant & the Group
Grant Hemond & Associates, Inc.
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Heather said...

Are we getting in the Christmas spirit already? I've got to start shopping!

Rebecca Zoumberos said...

I love how you show where your inspiration comes from! Very clever:)