Friday, March 19, 2010

Adding Flair to Your Fashion!

Allie Sparks, our guest blogger and intern, wanted to share some great tips on adding flair to your fashion on your wedding day!

If you are looking for something to add a little “oomph” to your wedding gown, bridesmaids’ style, or even a night out on the town, here are some seriously fabulous accessories that will do do the trick!

Whether you’re going for a romantic look or can’t get enough bling – these sashes and belts are to die for!

How GORGEOUS is this sash/belt?! It has a vintage glamour feel to it and I just love how it sparkles!

love. Love. LOVE.

So glad I don’t have this decision to make…

My sister is my maid of honor and to have her stand out, we’ve decided to find a pretty flower to put in her hair. Kinda like this…

It would also look beautiful in the bride’s hair in place of a veil or for the reception after she takes the veil off. I mean, really, when will you ever have an excuse to wear a big, beautiful flower in your hair again?!

A la Carrie Bradshaw at her “almost wedding” in the movie version of Sex and the City

Beautiful as a headband or a touch of bling on the wedding dress

It would take a special bride with a cool sense of style to pull this off as a sash or head piece – love it!

These vintage hair pins add sparkle and glamour

These are just a few options for sashes, belts and hair accessories – so don’t be afraid to try some out. I love hair accessories and will probably have a pretty pin in mine (if I can ever decide how I want to wear it).

As we say in the South, “the higher the hair, the closer to God.”

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