Tuesday, March 23, 2010

You've Got BLING!

Julie and Flo's invitations were featured on the Flamboyant Designs Couture blog!

Each guest received a handmade, boxed invitation wrapped in shimmer silver paper. Inside each box was a matted invitation consisting of black and burgundy text, detailing all of the important info. Wrapping each invitation was a thick satin burgundy ribbon, with the true show stopper, a crystal oval buckle!

Heather of Flamboyant Designs Couture created the perfect invitations to set the tone for Julie & Flo's stylish elegant wedding.

To see more breathtaking designs, check out Flamboyant Designs Couture, and stay tuned to see more details about this bling-fest!

Images courtesy of Flamboyant Designs Couture.


Julie said...

WOW...Staci Thank you for blogging those. They were STUNNING! And thank you for completing my BLING vision for the wedding. You did an AMAZING job at keeping everything together and running smoothly. "Florida's #1 Planner Award" goes to- Satci Mandikas!

Flamboyant Designs Couture said...

Thank you so much for blogging and featuring Flamboyant Designs Couture. It was great working on this wedding with Julie! There is nothing like a client giving you something new and to challange your self on a project and we hit this one right on the nose!