Thursday, February 25, 2010

Fabulous Finds: UNIQUE Ring Pillows

For the bride who wants something UNIQUE for her rings to rest on, we found these fantastic ring pillows by 5eizen. Each pillow is an original design, and they can even customize your pillow to match your wedding. This is just a sampling of all of the amazing designs that they offer! They've covered every color and captured every taste! You will literally have to pick your chin up off the floor after you see their designs! They are truly breathtaking!

This is Staci's personal favorite...can you guess why? :)

5eizen is also giving back, by offering 10% of all their profits in January and February to the Red Cross, in support of the relief efforts in Haiti. So, don't wait! Order your's today!

And, be sure to mention that you saw the designs on the UNIQUE blog!

All images and designs courtesy of 5eizen.

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