Wednesday, February 24, 2010

Southern Wedding Style!

Unique Event Design welcomes our intern and guest blogger, Allie Sparks!

When I say “Southern wedding” I’m not talking about a wedding that happens to take place below the Mason-Dixon Line, I’m talking about a wedding that holds true to Southern traditions. For example, there is a “stand in” bride at the rehearsal, sweet tea is most definitely served at the reception, the groom gets his own cake (and it’s probably red velvet), and the wedding is most likely NOT on a Saturday during college football season. While planning my own Southern wedding, I have found so many wonderful Southern ideas that I wish I could get married 3 or 4 times (to the same wonderful man, of course!).

Having your ceremony under an old oak tree, is not only a gorgeous setting, but symbolizes the couple taking roots, growing together, and having their love last forever.

The oak tree creates a beautiful backdrop and needs very little décor. If you choose, hang chandeliers or paper lanterns from the branches to create a romantic or whimsical feel. Some natural floral arrangements to compliment the beauty of the location, and add a touch of color.

A plantation house, like this one located in Vacherie, Louisiana, not only has history; it’s has a classic, historical beauty that sets the tone and feel of your whole wedding.

It's not hard to find a plantation house in the South to have your wedding; most of them have been restored and are now Bed & Breakfasts or historic landmarks. Having the reception on the lawn just screams "Southern," and with some pretty garden chairs and good food, the old plantation house can add the story of your wedding to its rich history.

The Gulf Coast beaches also provide great spots for a simple chic wedding celebration, like this one at Jekyll Island Club Hotel in Jekyll Island, Georgia. The driftwood on the beach creates an organic, rustic feel.

It’s all about the food at a Southern wedding. Anything fried or sweet (or both) will do! Fried chicken, BBQ, fried green tomatoes, etc are all known as traditional Southern foods. Southerners LOVE their sweet tea and cola, and many brides are now including homemade pies at their reception.

Another fun Southern trend is the potato or grits martini bar (I’m doing this for my own wedding). We, Southerners love our starches, and serving the potatoes in the martini glasses are a modern touch and add so much fun! The Southern grits bar is also very popular being that we like grits at breakfast in the morning or with shrimp for dinner. I went to a wedding a few years ago in Destin, Florida and they had a BBQ pulled pork martini bar – to this day, it’s the best thing I’ve ever eaten!

Oh, how there is nothing that I love more, than a seersucker suit! It looks so clean and crisp and gentlemanly. I considered having the guys wear them for my own wedding, but since we’re having a traditional church ceremony, we decided to go with tan linen suits to keep a more traditional feel. (See, this is where I wish I had 2 or 3 more weddings of my own)

Also, check out the accessories at – this tie pattern is one of my favorites and the headband would be such a cute bridesmaid gift!

No matter what Southern traditions you decide to incorporate into your wedding, the key is to keep it personal!

Good luck on planning your Southern wedding y’all!

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