Sunday, April 11, 2010

Ring Around Your Finger!

This is the first blog of our guest blogger and intern, Marianne Hamilton.

Just as fashion changes every year, so do ring styles! Brides are now customizing their own engagement rings. Nearly 70% of brides get involved in the ring selection process. We've outlined some of the latest engagement ring trends for 2010. Take a look and enjoy!

When selecting your ring style, there are three Rs of Ring shopping:

- Geometric Ring Shapes
- Custom Ring Design
- Ring Color

Geometric Ring Shapes

There are numerous shapes for the picking! Pears, ovals, marquise, and even heart-shaped diamonds make for an architectural engagement ring that's both eye-catching and UNIQUE! Many of today's hottest rings are all about geometry. Plain is "out" this year and engagement rings are following the trend.

Custom Ring Design

There's been an increase in special orders for brides who want to combine all of the design elements they love into one picture-perfect ring. Purchasing a UNIQUE ring set declares your love, your relationship and your future as UNIQUE and stylish! Ribbon-twist bands and split-shank bands are popular alternatives to the more traditional styles.

Ring Colors

White metals, such as platinum and white gold, will always be popular with brides, but yellow and rose gold are making a big comeback throughout 2010. This is partly from the reemergence of retro-inspired elements in pop culture. Rose-gold settings are ideal for the vintage bride looking for a ring with a more nostalgic feel. Gold and Titanium rings can also be a more budget-friendly option, depending on the market price.

When you're ring shopping, be sure to ask to see different diamond shapes and sizes. You never know what you'll end of gravitating to. If you don't find exactly what you want, inquire about a custom-designed band.

Focus on the style and let it represent you!

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