Saturday, April 3, 2010

Your Chariot Awaits!

Another blog by our guest blogger and intern, Allie Sparks.

The vows are said, the toasts have been made, and all the well wishes have been given. Now, it’s time for you and your new husband to ride off into your future together. The question is –ride off in what?

Now, there’s nothing wrong with the traditional limo, but UNIQUE brides like you, want a fun and fabulous alternative! Besides the fabulousness, something to remember when considering your mode of transportation, is the distance you’ll be traveling, from your reception site to where you’re spending your wedding night. The last thing you want, is to ride in a convertible for over an hour, or pay top dollar to go across the street.

Some fun options for a bit of drive are classic cars. Classic cars are vintage, classy, and have an elegant feel, while the classic convertible has a more fun, sporty attitude.

Some women dream of the fairy tale wedding with their Prince Charming, a castle setting, and riding off into "happily ever after" in a horse drawn carriage.

How a couple makes their exit can be as important as their entrance. It can portray your personality and showcase a special attribute or hobby.

I think my fiance and I will be departing in a golf cart since he is a golfer. It will also be convenient because our reception venue and hotel are almost right across the street from each other.

This is just another way to personalize your wedding and will probably be the first quiet moment you have together as husband and wife.

Enjoy it!

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