Sunday, February 13, 2011

Your UNIQUE Ideas? Our UNIQUE Vision!

Our clients walk into our studio with random ideas. They're all over the place and filled with ideas that have not been developed. They also carry binders filled with loads of photos. Pages and pages printed from websites, blogs, etc. Some clients have something depicting exactly what they want, and others still don't know. "I like this picture, but I don't know why!" We hear this alot! This is wear WE shine!

Our "art" is being able to understand and develop their vision. We interpret their ideas in a way that explodes them and takes them to a level that they could have never dreamed of. We take those ideas and photos, pick them apart, and find the emotion that you want to relay to your guests. We surprise and delight our clients with our vision, created for them. Us, our art, and our creative business is expressed in the essence of what we create for our clients.

Ari and Allan wanted a Mediterranean inspired event, with the color scheme of a peacock feather, and filled with drama & romance.

A soft garden wedding with modern touches and a light color scheme was perfect for Amanda & Anthony.

Kaara and Chris wanted the traditional look of black & white damask with apple green accents and modern touches.

"Lunch on the Lawn" was the theme for Aly & Eric's wedding. A daytime wedding with a color scheme of white, lime, and tangerine with fresh, citrus touches.

Julie & Flo wanted their 10 year vow renewal to be romantic and filled with drama and bling.

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