Tuesday, April 5, 2011

KISS & TELL: Lisa & Nick

A special thank you to Lisa's mom, Darlene, for her kind words -

"Staci was absolutely amazing. Our daughter's wedding could have been a logistical nightmare, yet Staci's expertise shined through. I did not have to worry about 1 thing because i knew Staci would handle it. Our wedding was held in the garden of a bed and breakfast which required major logistical maneuvering of all of the guests as well as coordinating all of the vendors. It was absolutely perfect!!! Our guests are still in awe! Staci provided vendors which were without a doubt the best in the industry. Many of our guests commented how they wished that they knew Staci because of the fabulous event she did. Kudos to Staci and her staff for a magnificent job from the bottom of my heart!"

Lisa, Nick, and of course, Darlene - We wish you and your family all the best for a long, healthy, and happy life! And loads of love!

Image courtesy of Limelight Photography.

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