Thursday, November 19, 2009

Happy Birthday to Me!!

The energy around the office this week is amazing! Not only are we working on some fantastic weddings, but Tuesday was my birthday! The celebration has been going on since Saturday! I'm so happy to have so many wonderful family members, friends, and yes, even clients! I've even received numerous birthday wishes from our clients, something like..."Happy birthday! Now get back to work!" :)

I just wanted to say thank you to everyone for such an amazing last year! I don't have a single complaint! I consider myself extremely blessed for the life that I have!

I shared my, '27th Year Dose of Wisdom' on Facebook and it received a great response of all of my "FB" friends, so I also wanted to share it with you, in hopes that it will also inspire you:

"Life is too short, eat pizza off your china! Drink champagne everyday, there's always something to toast to! Give your time to those that love you, they are the ones that will always be there! Bad things will always happen, but you have a choice, how you respond to ...them. Learn and grow! And finally, God is an essential part of your life, let him guide you!"

Here's to another fabulous year! Thank you again and God bless!

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