Wednesday, November 18, 2009

A Weekly Dose of Inspiration

We're so sorry for missing last week's dose of inspiration! We've got a very interesting one this week, that I hope, more than makes up for it! I admit, this week's dose of inspiration is an unusual one. You can blame hanging around the Don Cesar during a late night wedding for this one. While walking past the aquariums in the lobby area, the amazing sealife began to trigger my inspiration. I began to think of one of my favorite of the marine life, the leafy sea dragon.

Yes, he is a little odd looking, but there is so much beauty in the flowing lines of his body. Even the way that he moves through the water is extremely graceful. The colors present are different shades of white, ivory, and cream. I also can't help but wonder at the contrast of the blue water against the light colors of the dragon's body.

We built our color scheme on the same shades present on the body of the leafy sea dragon. A combination of whites, ivories, and creams create a clean, modern look. Small accents of royal blue are present, but the most intriguing would be the blue uplighting that will surround the guests, giving the illusion of being beneath the sea! We found the perfect gown that reflects the thin lines of the body and the leafy texture of the sea dragon. All the ruffles create the perfect flow to replicate the graceful way it moves through the ocean. We continue the ruffley look with the cake design, by utilizing ruffles on every other tier. As for the flowers, the visual texture of hydrangea and phalaenopsis orchids, as well as piles of rose petals, will do the trick perfectly! For the ceremony, we would want to keep it simple, no flowers, only some flowing sheer fabric and the beautiful blue sky!

A Modern, Marine Life Inspired Wedding
A Modern, Marine Life Inspired Wedding by uniqueeventdesign

We hope that we've inspired you to find inspiration ANYWHERE! Check back next week to be inspired again!!

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