Monday, November 2, 2009

Weekly Dose of Inspiration!

This week's 'Weekly Dose of Inspiration' is soooooo pretty! We are being inspired by china! We were asked to design a table for a Christmas Tea Party at our church. We are utilizing the Mikasa Parchment china in the design and used it for the inspiration!

The Mikasa Parchment china design is white, with a frosted pearl-gray design with a scrollwork pattern, and a platinum rim. The overall look of this china is simple and traditional, but also is timeless and modern. We were inspired by the simple elegance of this china and were asked to incorporate Christmas into our design as well.
Knowing that the typical red and green Christmas look was not going to work, we opted for a modern 'Winter Wonderland' theme with a blue, white, clear, and silver color scheme. The stark look of white branches will be contrasted with the elegance of white roses, carnations, and orchids. Crystals and clear rock candy will be incorporated to translate the look of ice. Details of feather and fur will offer warmth to our design, and only minor touches of snowflakes will be present. The traditional overtone of the china is interpreted in the fashion aspect with mostly closed heels and pearls. Our Christmas Tea Party tablescape will be beautiful, welcoming, and extremely textured.

Winter Elegance and Grace
Winter Elegance and Grace by uniqueeventdesign on

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