Tuesday, January 5, 2010

Chocolate Cherry Style

We utilized the bold color scheme of black, white, & red, to create a fun, whimsical wedding design, with touches of retro style. A vintage getaway car and lounge furniture from the 50's & 60's, will ensure the guests have never attended a wedding like this! The black and white color scheme would move throughout the space. To make sure the look doesn't get too stuffy, we'd incorporate pok-a-dots and swirl designs. Red touches will be present, but we'd concentrate it to make more of a statement, in places like, bunches of red flowers and Chinese lanterns When it comes to attire, our bride would definitely were white, but her gown would not be a traditional, but fun and retro. And, there's no way we're going to let the bride walk down the aisle in anything else than some fabulous patent leather, red pumps! Our chocolate cherry wedding design is perfect for the couple that is looking for something fun and whimsical...with a cherry on top!

Chocolate Cherry Style
Chocolate Cherry Style by uniqueeventdesign

Once again, we've proved that inspiration can be found ANYWHERE! Where do you find your's?

Image courtesy of http://www.polyvore.com/.

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