Thursday, January 7, 2010

Hot Trends for 2010 Weddings

Are you planning an event this year? You should definitely check out the Hot Trends for 2010 that we are seeing from our own clients!

Floral Arrangements with Texture
The traditional topiary ball is being seen less and less. Brides are seeking something with a little more texture. We are seeing brides choose natural arrangements that look like they were pulled from the ground, minutes before the ceremony. Or, they're choosing something totally modern, with looped bear grass and curled florals. No matter the look, they are making sure that the arrangements are personalized to their own style.

Tea-Length Wedding Gowns
Due to the current economic climate, brides are unable to purchase two fabulous gowns, one for the ceremony and one for the reception. Instead, they are opting to purchase a more versatile tea-length wedding gown, which gives them the elegance on top and the mobility for dancing on the bottom. And the best part, no bustle!

Retro Touches

Our clients are not prepared to go all out for a retro-themed wedding, but they are interested in combining retro and modern, by incorporating touches of another period. Details, such as birdcage veils, platform shoes, and heirloom jewelry are accenting the newest gown styles and the most modern floral arrangements. Check "something old" off your list with these great touches!

The Latest Technology in Wedding Videos
Whether it's 8mm, HD, or Blu Ray, our clients are demanding the best for their weddings! Gone, are the days of the "old school" wedding videos. They are now looking for a motion picture or music video-like feel for their wedding coverage. Then, every bride and groom gets to reflect on their day as the star that they are!

Specialty Music & Entertainment
Our clients are ensuring their guests walk away raving about their wedding, with an array of music and entertainment for their enjoyment! Things like choreographed performances, live music, specialty bars, etc, are enticing every guest, and making each event unique. These events are looking more like a major production, than a wedding!

Innovative Ceremony Setups
Our brides are not into the typical ceremony setup! Different kinds of seating like benches and ottomans are now being seen. We're arranging them in short rows creating amazingly long aisles, ampitheather-style, which allows everyone to have a great seat, and even seating on the sides, rather in front, which gives your guests a unique view of the two of you. The possibilities are endless!

White Cakes
It's "back to the basics" with wedding cakes of 2010. They are simple styles and mostly all white. The only touches of color that we're seeing is a ribbon or floral accent. Surprisingly, the simple white wedding cake is becoming so much more of a showstopper! By placing it front and center and spotlighting it, it is a true focal point! The contrast of a clean, white wedding cake against a brightly colored room is truly a "wow!"

Cocktail Receptions
After the vows are said and rings are exchanged, our clients want to party! They are pulling away from the typical seated dinner and opting for cocktail receptions, with numerous smaller seating areas and lots of mingling. The full dinner is being taken away and instead being replaced with stations and passed hors d'oeuvres. The feel is casual, modern, and fun!

Bold & Monochromatic Color Schemes
We are seeing some very different, modern color schemes for 2010. Bold blue seems to be the color of choice, but not just one shade. We are seeing an array of blues, from periwinkle to navy. Also monochromatic color schemes are making their way into this year's weddings. Utilizing multiple shades and tones of the same colors creates variation and sleekness. We always suggest accenting with another color, just to break it up.

Backyard Weddings
These are not your basic at home events. Our clients are creating the space that they've always wanted, right there in their backyard. Using tents, portable flooring, lighting, etc, we are able to bring the perfect, personalized space within inches of the welcome mat!
These are great trends for the events for 2010, but you must remember that what will truly make your wedding timeless, is that it is personalized, and a perfect reflection of the two of you! There are no rules, have fun, and make your wedding UNIQUE!!

- Staci

Images courtesy of Abe's Photography, Limelight Photography, Medley of Memories Photography, & Shakespeare Photography

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