Friday, January 15, 2010

Eclectic Peacock Inspiration

For this wedding, we are combining many elements to create an eclectic style. First, we want to create a contrast between the looks of the ceremony and reception. The ceremony will be clean and modern, with a white and ivory color scheme and chrome accents. Instead of excessive flowers, we are opting for hundreds of candles to create an environment filled with candlelight. This will create the romance that they are seeking for their ceremony. When it comes to the cocktail hour and reception, that's where the color blast will take place! The color scheme will be pulled from the peacock feather, utilizing shades of blue, purple, green, bronze, and chocolate. Ornate and antique bronze touches will bring in the Mediterranean aspect. Light reflecting crystals will create the feminine elegance that the bride is seeking. Multi-colored and iridescent elements will flow throughout the space, reflecting the same characteristics of the peacock feather. And keep the atmosphere fun, a candy booth to engage the guests!

Peacock Wedding
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