Tuesday, June 15, 2010

A Dozen UNIQUE Things About Me

Questions...questions...I ask them all the time! Now, it's about time for
me to answer some!

I found this great questionerre. Here we go!!

What's Your Favorite Color?
Isn't it obvious? :)

What's Your Alma Mater?
The International Academy of Design and Technology in Tampa, where I graduated Summa Cum Laude with a Bachelor's Degree in Interior Design.

What's Your Favorite Food / Meal?
I'll have to hit my country roots! Most definitely - Boiled crawfish, with potatoes and corn...Yummy!!

What's Your Favorite Movie?
Titanic, I've seen it about a million times.

What Was Your Favorite Vacation?
Of course, my honeymoon! Hubby and I traveled to Italy, Spain, Sicily, & Croatia! Breathtaking!!

Who's Your Celebrity Crush?
John Cusack, there's just something about him! :)

When I was a kid...
I was super crafty! I made jewelry, hairbows, pins, etc. I would draw all the time too. In fact, I even won a few awards for my drawings!

What's your favorite dish to cook?
I'm not a big cook, but rather a baker. My Chocolate Crinkle cookies are always a big hit, but my five minute fudge is just too easy! I can't take the credit for the recipe, thank Rachel Ray for that!

What is Your Starbucks Order?
Venti Non-Fat, No Whip, Peppermint White Mocha Frappuccino

People are always surprised to learn that...
I'm actually shy when I meet people for the first time. I still have to take a deep breath to relax before I walk into a meeting with someone new.

What's Your Favorite Thing About Weddings?
I love to help my clients create their event as a personal reflection of their lives. We learn all about our clients (how they met, how he proposed, what their favorite hobbies are), and work with them to include these things into their event in fun and UNIQUE ways.

What makes you so UNIQUE?
I am an extreme combination of right brain and left brain. I can be completely engrossed in creativity, overly passionate, and spontaneous, but at the same time, crazy organized, nuerotic, and a total perfectionist.

Image courtesy of Sandra Yu Photography.

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