Wednesday, June 30, 2010

UNIQUE Finds: Bling Around Your Head!

Okay, okay, so I was able to get off of my "shoe kick" long enough to blog about these gorgeous headpieces by jennifer behr!

"jennifer behr creates a range of seductive headpieces - 21st century crowns - each one with its own appeal… crystals set in dark metal and hand-stitched to ethereal silk chiffons, braided ropes, slick patent leathers and tough studs. this season jennifer artfully incorporates it all to pin back even the unruliest of locks. the collection is made by hand in her studio and within a network of small workshops in brooklyn and manhattan. this results in hair accessories carrying the soul of handwork, while remaining thoroughly modern in appearance."

Out with the old tiara look! These are modern, chic, and...UNIQUE!

This is just a small sampling of the different pieces by jennifer behr. Check out her website for more phenomenal pieces!

Images courtesy of jennifer behr.

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