Thursday, March 19, 2009

Have a Seat

There are many traditions that 2009 brides are shaking up! One of which is the ceremony seating layout. Who said that you have to have the typical straight lines of chairs? Add a personal touch to your ceremony by surprising your guests with a unique setup or an unexpected type of seating.

If you are a fan of the straight geometric look, but want something a little different, try putting the guest seating on either side of the bride and groom. This layout eliminates the dreaded long aisle and is a great option for those shy brides.

A circular layout is also a great option and gives everyone a good view. You can leave an aisle down the middle and enter the circle through one end and exit through the other. This setup is great for those families that have a large number of VIP's, so they can all sit right up front. It's like a circle of love!

If your ceremony is taking place in a smaller area and you do not have the space to do a circular layout, another option is a semi-circular setup. The good site lines are still retained, but the footprint is much smaller.

One of the more modern interpretations of the circular setup is a nautilus shell layout. The line of seats start outward and slowly moves closer inward. The aisle is then created within the flow of seats. The bride walks between the rows of seating to meet her husband to be. This layout works best for smaller weddings.

The above picture also addresses a unique option for ceremony seating - ottomans and lounge furniture! It's a great modern, clean look and the pictures are not cluttered with chairbacks. You can even have larger pieces that seat multiple guests. "Loveseats," perhaps?

No matter how your guests are seated, just know that they are there to share the love between you and your groom. Let their warm eyes and smiles surround you, as you commit yourselves to each other for all eternity.

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