Tuesday, March 31, 2009


It's the last day for Cans for Comments! We have been working with Limelight Photography to gather as many cans as possible. All you have to do is comment either on this post or any post on our blog. You can also post a comment on Limelight's blog, they are counting too! Each comment equals one can! We will still be counting comments through midnight tonight, so comment and give back!!

Read more about the Cans for Comments program in these previous posts:

Thank you and God bless!!


Rebecca Zoumberos said...

Thank you again for the inspiration for the Cans for Comments idea!

Aymee Brace said...

Staci! What a great cause good luck with the can drive. If you need anything i can donate too. Let me know :-)

Christi Curtis said...

Staci, your awesome! I hope you got a lot of comments!!

Erin said...

Thanks for doing this for a great cause :-)