Sunday, March 22, 2009

Tips on Saving Green

Everyone wants to save money, especially these days, so we've compiled a few tips to save you some big cash for your big day!

When selecting the day of your event, try to stay away from holidays. Travel expenses will be higher and one of the large expenses associated with an event, flowers, will be more raised around the big holidays like Valentines Day, Christmas, and Mother's Day. Although if you do choose a Christmas wedding, you could save loads in decor because the venue may already be decorated with the key colors like red, white, and gold, therefore saving you a bundle in that arena!

Another thing to consider is the day of the week. Choosing a day other than Saturday, believe it or not, you can even save you up to 50%! If you choose a weeknight, the start time of your event should not be any earlier than 6:00pm, to allow for those leaving work, and if you opt for a Sunday, try for 11:00am or later, so that your guests can attend religious services in the morning and still make your event.
A five course dinner with appetizers and dessert is top dollar, but you can save some loot by just having a cocktail party with great specialty drinks and passed hors d'oeuvres or a dessert reception with multiple dessert stations and after dinner drinks. If your event is during the day, you can choose to have a brunch reception, complete with an omlette station and crepes, or a light lunch with sandwiches and a few sides.

I know that you will contemplate a cash bar to save money, but if can avoid it, please do! It may be interpreted as tacky by your guests. Don't fret, there are numerous options to save money on your bar. Instead of a complete open bar, try just doing beer and wine. Choose a few beer options and a white, red, and blush, your guests are sure to find something they'll be happy with. If you'd like to add another option, try offering one or multiple signature drinks. It will give your guests more options and will still keep the bar tab down. Going back to the time of day, a day time event will also save on alcohol, as your guests will tend not to drink as much during the day.
If a band and a DJ is out of your budget, these days couples are choosing "Ipod" to be their DJ. They program the songs that they want, in the order that they want them played and the small device does its thing. If you do choose this route, be sure to appoint a savvy person to keep an eye on it, in case of any technical difficulties. If your dream is a band, but don't have the cash for it, try having your reception at a venue that already features live music. You won't get the personal attention that you were seeking if you would've hired your own band, but if you throw some money their way, you'll get some key music played and some recognition.

It's easy to see that the bridal emsemble can cost a pretty penny, between the dress, alterations, accessories, etc. Do you have a friend or family member that was recently married and would be willing to let you borrow or "hand you down" their dress, veil, or tiara? This is a great money saver! If that isn't an option, try hitting your local thrift or consignment shops for a great deal. You can be pretty sure your items were only worn once, and the shops only take items of good quality.

Do you want to wear beautiful wedding jewelry, but not ready to pony up the bank? There is an interesting option that was previously only offered to A-list celebrities. Jewelers are now offering the same service to brides for their wedding. You can borrow jewels for your big day at a small, if any, rate. The pieces are delivered by a security guard and the guard stays with them (you) throughout the event and get them from you at the conclusion of the night. Don't worry, he doesn't look like a police officer, just a nice man in a suit. A great option for a red carpet look at a low price!

If you want that georgous five tier cake, but want to save some dough. Have the bottom and top tiers made of real cake and the three middle tiers made of decorated styrofoam. In the kitchen, have a few sheet cakes ready to be cut and served to your guests. Just have the waiters take the cake to the back after you and your honey share your first bite, and no one, but you, will know the difference. We point out the top and bottom tiers being real cake because you normally cut into the bottom and freeze the top to be shared on your first anniversary.

Be sure to clue your florist in to your efforts to save money, they are usually willing to work with whatever budget you can dream up, and they can recommend cost-conscious floral options. A creative way to save the bank is to use your ceremony flowers and bouquets to decorate your reception room, everything from centerpieces, to accents, to cake flowers. You paid for them, why should the enjoyment end after you say, "I do?" Everthing can be moved during the cocktail hour and the guests will never know! Be sure that you delgate someone to do this, either the florist or a trusted person.

Wedding Planners have the knowledge, the connections, and "know how" to get you the best deal! They know all the best vendors in the area, secret discounts that they offer, and where to get that perfect black and white checkered dance floor for your 50's themed event! Also, their experience prevents costly mistakes that may occur if hadn't hired a planner.

With these tips and many more that we have "up our sleeve," we can help you to have not only a fabulous event, but also come under budget! Call us today, 813-426-5280, or e-mail us at,, to book an appointment to discuss all of the great details of your event and ways we can save you some green!

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Anonymous said...
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Good Food Catering Company said...

Stacie - On the "Menu" idea, I do agree that there are plenty of options out there to make a wedding reception more affordable. Social and family pressure shouldn't dictate that you have a sit down dinner; do something unique! (besides, does anyone really have fun sitting at a table making fake conversation just to make it through a boring meal?)

Early afternoon cocktail parties with passed hors d'oeuvres can be surprisingly affordable, as can a morning brunch (though an omelet station done right can increase your costs). What about having your wedding reception as one big cocktail party? In many Southern states, that IS the norm.

An event designer/coordinator can really help to work with the caterer and devise a unique idea that will fit your style as well as your budget.