Monday, March 23, 2009

Vendor Feature: Unique Portraiture

I had a "unique" pleasure of meeting with Christi Curtis of Unique Portraiture a few weeks ago. Christi is not only an unbelievable photographer that can capture amazing shots filled with emotion, but also a dear friend. She shot my own wedding and engagement pictures with her other gig, Limelight Photography, and shortly after, we became friends.

Our favorite engagement and wedding shots:

What makes her company "unique" is what she in it's natural surrounding. Not only does Christi photograph engagement sessions and weddings, but the photography fun does not have to stop after the wedding. What about the birth of your first child? That second birthday? Your family reunion? These milestones must be documented! Christi can capture every detail, every smile, every twinkle of an eye. To capture these memories is truly priceless!

From Christi:
"I strive to capture personality and emotion in every image. Just like my subjects every photography session is different and unique. I specialize in natural lighting and backgrounds, using mostly nature as a backdrop, or simple colors such as black or white, or something as timeless as a grandmother's quilt or a baby blanket. I think less is more in a photograph, taking a more casual approach with little to no props so that I am sure to capture the essence of the child, adult, or relationship with no distraction."

I, of course, have to point out her favorite model, her BEAUTIFUL baby girl, Layla. Look at those eyes!!!

To learn more about Christi and her work, check out her website -


Christi Curtis said...

WOW this is great, I am featured! Thanks Staci for showing off my work your great!!

Erin said...

What beautiful pictures! And her big brown eyes are gorgeous! I'm jealous :-)